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Chinaplas 2013 in Guangzhou

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Chinaplas 2013 in Guangzhou 

In 2013 the company is still in accordance with the previous years, Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou to attend the show. Equipment this year to participate in the exhibition "PVC crust foam board equipment." As the prospect of wood products, wood products company to develop the device. ① ② plastic sheet equipment WPC profile equipment. And the majority of the community support. I will now give you a brief introduction to the characteristics of PVC sheet: 

Hardness PVC board: 

Class product quality, the color is black and white, can also be colored according to the customer needs to produce PVC hard board, bright colors, nice, the quality of the product perform GB/T4454-1996, has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, hardness, high strength, high strength, anti-UV (anti-aging), fire retardant (self-extinguishing), insulation performance, reliable, and the surface is smooth, non-absorbent, non-deformation, easy processing characteristics. The product is excellent thermoforming materials that can replace part of the corrosion resistance of stainless steel and other synthetic materials are widely used in chemical, petroleum, electroplating, water purification equipment, environmental equipment, mining, pharmaceutical, electronics, communications and decoration industries . 

Thickness :0.5-30mm Product Length Width: 2440 * 1220MM special sizes can also be produced according to customer needs. 

Product Features: 

A waterproof, fire-retardant, acid, moth, light, heat, noise, vibration characteristics. 

2 and wood equivalent processing, and processing performance is far superior to wood. 

3 wood, aluminum, composite board ideal substitute. 

PVC board - processing characteristics 

1, PVC foam sheet, with sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation, thermal insulation properties. 

2, PVC foam plate board quality flame retardant, self-extinguishing unexpected fire, can be used safely. PVC film is application-specific vacuum laminator at 110 degree heat, pressure plate attached to the surface, it is easy to fall off. 

3, PVC foam board each series of products have moisture, mildew, non-absorbent properties, and shock effect. 

4, PVC foam board the series formula made by weathering, its color can be a long-term change, not aging. 

5, PVC foam board texture, light, storage and transportation, construction is convenient. 

6, PVC foam board use of general woodworking tools to construction. 

7, PVC foam board can be the same as wood for drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, sticky and other processing. 

8, PVC foam board suitable for thermoforming, heat bending and folding process. 

9, PVC foam board can generally be welded, but also with other PVC material bonding. 

10, PVC foam board its smooth surface, is also printed. 

PVC board - structural components 

PVC, full name Polyvinylchlorid, the main ingredients of PVC, while adding other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, and ductility. The top of this table is to paint the mask, in the middle of the main component is PVC, the lower is the back coating binder. Three-dimensional form that can produce the film of the material, PVC is the most suitable material. 

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