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PVC wood-plastic building templates production line 

I. Introduction and Market Prospects 

1, building templates development 

     Formwork construction of concrete structures is an important tool. In situ concrete structural engineering, Formwork 

Cheng concrete structure project cost usually accounts for 20% to 30%, accounting for construction labor costs 30% to 40%, accounting for 50% of the duration 

Or so. Template technology directly affects the quality of construction, cost and efficiency, so it is promoting China Building Technology 

An important element of progress. 

     In the early 1970s, China's main building structure to masonry structure, construction wood template with template-based. 80 

Early, a variety of new architecture emerging, in-situ concrete structures soared. In the "replacing wood with steel" policy push 

Move, China successfully developed the advanced composite steel construction technology, construction technology revolutionized the template, save a lot 

Wood, steel formwork application surface had reached more than 75%, steel formwork production plant had reached more than 1,000, steel formwork rent 

Leasing companies have reached more than 13,000, the annual savings of about 15 million cubic meters of wood substitute. 

     Since the 1990s, China's building architecture, there has been great development, high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings and large 

Build a large number of public buildings, large-scale infrastructure construction, urban transport and highways, railways and other rapid development 

Template, scaffolding construction technology made new demands. Of the introduction of foreign advanced formwork systems, but also 

Developed a variety of new formwork and scaffolding. 

      2010 annual construction capacity of 585 million square meters templates, year on year growth of 7.3%. 

      2010 steel formwork market size of 153 million square meters, representing growth of 6.9%. New production steel annually 

Converted into weight of about 300 tons. 

     2010 wooden plywood formwork market of 300 million square meters, up 8.4% growth rate; its annual production capacity of 7730 

Million square meters. 

     2010 bamboo plywood formwork market size of 122 million square meters, up 7.9% growth rate; their annual 

To 31.4 million square meters. 

2010 China's construction industry template production scale will maintain 10% growth rate; 2011 -2012 I 

State building templates production scale industry growth will average around 15%; to the end of 2012, China's construction 

Templates industry output will reach 220 million square meters or so. Annual building project templates sheet total demand conservative 

Calculations are more than 200 billion yuan and an average annual increase rate of 9-12%. Wood construction templates in the future 

2-3 years, the market share of 30% -50%, the output value reached 600-1000 billion yuan, the market prospect is very 


 Second, the common construction template comparison 

     (1) wooden template earliest, due to the considerable amount of wood, and demolition template easy splitting, the loss rate is higher, 

          Average turnaround times in 4-6 times, for our country is not rich in forest resources should seek alternative products. 

     (2) Steel Template: Template The template is made of wood substitute products and the formation of a series of standardization. It has the advantage 

Be able to save a lot of wood, and can be repeatedly used, turnover rate of up to 40 times, but it also has a lot of be desired 

Department: ① high cost, the average price of 280 yuan / square meter, far higher than the wood template 80 yuan / square meter price; ② bulky, 

Construction hoisting inconvenience difficult to remove; ③ by weight limit, a single block template small in size, the number of blocks used in stitching more charges 

When laborious; ④ steel formwork and concrete have a certain affinity, demolition template columns or beams, etc. easy on the surface of cement products production 

Namahage injury, affecting the quality; ⑤ steel template is easy to rust. 

     (3) Wood construction plates and other products in the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries and regions to get a promotion made 

Rapid development, with this WPC's building environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Its advantage is ① can save a lot of wood. ② 

Convenient construction and safety, etc. are superior; ③ WPC no maintenance and recyclable, it can be greatly reduced 

Low production costs, it can solve a lot of work on key issues. 

     The development of a new generation of wood-plastic template world dominance orientation, WPC international market prospects are very promising, in 

Applications in various fields growing share of the market, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, South America and North America market demand will 

Is the Chinese market, dozens of times, composite products with international trends, the next few years to become citizens through 

Economic pillar industries, has a very broad product application market. 

Third, performance and advantages of wood template 

     WPC is a plant fiber (sawdust, wood chips, bamboo shavings, straw, wheat straw, bran, peanut shells, 

Bagasse, coconut shells, Asia hemp, etc.) based raw material, pretreatment of the resin (PVC, PP, PE) complex 

Together from a new environmentally friendly materials. WPC English abbreviations WPC. 

     2006 annual output of plastic products over 28,010,000 tons. Ranks second in the world, waste plastic produced annually 

13.84 million tons or so. Domestic agricultural production of plant fibers thousands tons, 1,000,000 tons bit more woody material, its 

It also has natural fibers 500-1000 tons, the development of wood-plastic composite material provides a rich raw material base. 

1, wood template features; 

     (A) wide range of sources, low value, old material or mixture can be. 

     (2) the overall synthetic wood products for the artificial products, according to the requirement random adjustment of product technology and formula, and produce different shapes of material properties and their profiles utilization close to 100%. 

    (3) WPC wood / plastic base material and commonly used additives are environmentally safe, non-toxic, and its production process does not produce side effects, so the human body and the environment do not constitute any harm. 

    (4) low maintenance costs, and product life several times in the ordinary natural wood. 

    (5) WPC scrap and recycling of waste products can be 100% recycled, and will not affect product performance 

  2, the advantages of wood template. 

     (1) has excellent physical and chemical properties, similar to woody appearance, good dimensional stability than wood, no cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, high hardness, long life; 

     (2) has a similar secondary processing of wood, sawing, planing, bonding, available nails or screws, easy maintenance. 

     (3) moth, rodent, acid, corrosion resistance, low water absorption. 

     (4) products can be recycled, is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

     WPC template which had the dual nature of wood and plastic, with a very wide range of uses. 

  3, PVC wood-plastic templates and mainstream architectural template performance and price comparison 

 Category PVC wood plastic construction template template bamboo timber formwork steel formwork 


Flame retardant does not flame-retardant flame retardant 

Recyclability 100% recyclable non-recyclable non-recyclable recyclable 

Absorbent and non-absorbent deformation absorbing deformation deformation deformation absorbing deformation rust 

Stripping process easier Moderate Moderate Difficult 

No need need need a release agent 

Customer specified size Yes No No No 

Corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali resistance Excellent Poor Poor Poor 

Repeat Limit ≥ 25 4 4 40