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"White plastic" wear "green coat"

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"White plastic" wear "green coat" 

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In everyday life, I'm afraid no matter what kind of like plastic, can be so deeply and thoroughly integrated into every aspect of public life: large aircraft, automobiles, ships parts, small straws, fuel, packaging, plastics and ultimately figure. And now today's plastic products, have long been not in the eyes of many people, and that "pollution", "cheap" and other words linked to the polluters. Past "white pollution" culprit, and now has been put on a seat "green" coat, became energy conservation, low-carbon environment "vanguard." 

Right now, all kinds of new environmentally friendly plastic materials endless: translucent cement can be more aesthetically pleasing buildings; has excellent fire retardant function, anti-wear, anti-corrosion plastic products can be applied to the automotive, electronics and other industries in which; The new biodegradable plastic, the plastic can maximize photolysis reduce "white pollution" of environmental damage. 

In recent years, the state vigorously support energy conservation business. As already "greening" of the plastics industry, is to become the future manufacturing of raw materials "new pillar." Some industry experts believe that China's plastics processing industry has developed rapidly, but compared with the world of plastic industrial powers there is a gap. The future of China's plastics industry needs to continue to delve into cutting-edge technology to improve plastics recycling technology, research and development of new plastic products, plastic industry in order to achieve green development. 

Plastic has become the new darling of the construction industry 

In the second Five-Year period, China will invest five trillion yuan for the improvement of the ecological environment. Among them, the development of green building has become one of the key projects. Our goal is that in 2020, China's green building accounted for new construction accounted for more than 30%, and to seek green building area of ​​more than one billion square meters. And as a new environmentally friendly building materials, plastic products, with its environmentally friendly, lightweight, and other advantages, has become the new darling of the construction industry. 

In the recently held organized by Adsale Exhibition 2013 "CHINAPLAS Chinaplas", the reporter saw a full plastic materials to build and became a "building · Optical Concepts room": a good light transmission, thermal insulation and impact resistance of the housing wall allows people and the surrounding environment to achieve "zero touch", the house has a sense of plastic tables and chairs designed furnishings for the whole house full of "Art Fan children." And this house is much more than a "showy", the house by the new house made of plastic material is more durable piping systems, doors and windows of the house used with very good thermal insulation. 

Concept house maker Saudi Basic Industries Corporation official told reporters that the company aims to bring visitors to showcase the works of human habitation future housing trends. They believe that the future will be in the field of building materials plastic products "to show their talents." The company will also be committed to the development of low-carbon eco-friendly materials, and promote the sustainable development of China and the world. 

Recycling of plastic products to help people bid farewell to the "white pollution" 

Lift the plastic bottles, styrofoam boxes and other plastic products, many people will think of the mind shocking "white pollution." Nowadays, more and more enterprises and research institutions dedicated to research plastics degradation and recycling. Which allows the recycling of plastic products plastic products to achieve "secondary use" to avoid the "white pollution" generation. We can believe that with the rising level of human technology, plastic both offer unlimited convenience and do not cause limited damage to the environment era sight. 

In the exhibition, the reporter saw the Zhejiang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Green special treasure for visitors to bring the most advanced plastic bottle recycling line. It is understood that we are exposed to everyday drink main component is a polyester plastic packaging, and after cleaning, purification, reproduction, these discarded plastic bottles can be transformed into fiber products can be used for clothing, bedding production. This will not only effectively inhibited the "white pollution", but also turning waste into treasure, truly plastic bottle recycling. 

Company officials told reporters that China's current plastics recovery has reached 80%, while its recovery after the production of products using also been very extensive. Many garments, textile goods manufacturers of raw materials used, 15 percent to 25 percent based on the recycled fiber, and this figure will continue to grow.