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Plastic garbage "transfiguration" quality construction template

2013-6-11 15:14:52      点击:

Plastic garbage "transfiguration" quality construction template 

Recently, the plastic waste as raw material made of plastic building templates, become a focus of attention of the market, the technology for its green energy, recycling, affordable, waterproof and resist and become the new darling of the construction industry to address people headaches plastic garbage problem. The product will gradually replace the wooden formwork panels, thus saving a lot of timber resources, the protection of the environment, carbon emissions play a significant role. 

According to statistics, China's major cities total waste plastic waste accounted for about 1/4 to 1/3. The figures are opposed to China's current per capita plastics consumption is less than 10 kg / year, lower than the world average 25 kg / person level. Western developed countries, per capita more than nearly 90 kg / year level. Even so, China's urban population is produced annually by 100 million tons of waste plastics. Use of recycled plastic to produce plastic construction project template, can improve the recovery of plastics, recycling of resources and improve the added value of the rational use of the limited resources. 

Yunnan Construction Engineering Group Xiaopeng Fei told reporters: "Yunnan wasted annually in the building materials industry, wood beyond people's imagination, especially a large amount of template used in construction wood, wood waste is building the biggest one, according to estimates, for the production of These wooden templates, felled each year more than 100 ten thousand trees 20 centimeters in diameter, equivalent to an annual consume a Xishan Forest Park. "him, as forest resources in Yunnan province, who are charged with the task of protecting forest resources, thus reducing the timber resources waste in the construction industry to use new alternative resources, the development of the construction industry in Yunnan become an urgent problem. 

Development of industrial technology of foreign wood tracking 10-year-old vice president of China Society of Forestry Economics root length was about Chan said: "In recent years, China's construction are completed area average annual 1.2 billion square meters, just this one building templates you need more than 350 million annual cubic meters of timber, with a plastic template instead of steel formwork, formwork proved good results, with no adhesive product surface, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, strong stability advantages of China's timber resources are scarce, plastic template The raw materials are mainly used to recycling plastic, low cost. "